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Focus Fest 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

For all my FocusST and Focus customers we'll be attending Focus Fest 2016 next month in Cordova, IL.

Because of this, I know a few customers are going to want a sale at the show, and they will be on sale there. BUT, you'll also be able to get them ahead of time and make sure you get them, even at a little bit MORE of a discount.

For anyone attending FocusFest and going to be picking up (or having a surrogate pick up) I will be running a pre-purchase deal of $55 for the knob. Engraving will be $20 and the clear coat will be included.

You must purchase by the 14th of August in order to get this deal so I can get the knobs finished in time.

At the show we'll be doing the knobs for $60 and I don't intend on bringing a bunch of engraved knobs, probably only 5 or so of the different engravings to show.

If you want engraving at the show I will take orders for those and you'll get the show price, but you'll have to pay shipping.

If anyone has any questions please get a hold of me at


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