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This is the place to add engraving to you order, this does not include the knob. That is added separately to complete the order. Simply add the option to cart, and in the notes either put what you want or email me the artwork - 

These are just some examples of work we've done on knobs. We can do pretty much anything, as long as there is a decent quality image to work from. 

Color Filled Engraving is in addition to regular engraving. Base engravings come either black or silver, usually whatever the higher contrast is.

Engravings can be filled with blue, red, gold, yellow, orange, green, and a couple others. We do not do white engravings, when we heat up to clear over the engraving the white will get dingy and yellow a little bit. Gloss clear will likely preserve colors better, but they will not be a pantone match. Matte MAY depending on color appear very different than the color will no clear or gloss, it will not preserve a perfect color match.

Basic Engravings - shift patterns or common artwork that is on the top only

Custom Engravings - new artwork, more advanced stuff, anything that is on the sides as well

Whole Knob Engravings - things we've done like the Pokeball, baseball, etc (more than just top + sides)

Any of those engravings can be color filled, there is a color filled option.