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Knob Refinishing Service

$ 40.00

Have a change of heart? Want a new color?

Well now you have the option. If you own an Anarchy Motive knob currently, and it's still in great shape, you can send it back to us and have is recoat it and refinish it for you.

This doesn't apply to warranty work, if you're within 2 years of receiving the knob and the coating is chipped or flaking I will replace it for free with the same knob and same color. See "Warranty & Terms" tab for more details.

How this works:

Add to cart, make note of what color you want. (Note: Must be a color I am currently offering)

Ship knob back to me with a print out of your order confirmation. (I cover shipping the refinished knob back to you.)

I'll recoat it, and send it back!

Pretty simple!!!