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Breast Cancer Awareness Knob

Breast Cancer Awareness Knob

$ 95.00 $ 120.00

So I am finally getting the chance to do something I've wanted to do for a while. 

I am going to offer a breast cancer awareness knob, with the ribbon engraved on top. 

You can get it in any car that I currently offer fitment for. 

Included will be the knob in a gorgeous pink with a silver metallic flake, with the BCA ribbon engraved on top and a clear coat to seal it all in. 

You will also get a hand written thank you note as well as a $20 donation from every knob sold to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (

We will be using the lighter pink on the 2nd knob. The first knob is representative of the engraving. 

Please join me in donating to a great cause, and also get yourself a kick ass knob. 

If you'd like the initials of someone who is a survivor we can add that to the knob at no extra cost, please just let me know!